What happened to WTC7?

Possible explanations:

A : The building collapsed due to fire and damagesdeutsch: SpOn


B : The building collapsed for other reasons (What does it look like to you?) — deutsch: Focus Money (PDF), ASR

After comparing facts of the thruth-movement and debunkers, it’s obvious that the official theorie doesn’t work at all. I definitely think a new and independent evaluation should prove what really happened. And I don’t get it why the US government is not interested in a proper investigation of one of the biggest crimes ever on American soil…



>>> Ausführlichere Beschreibung hier: WTC7: Gebäude was?


4 Kommentare

  1. They can’t investigate it because it was an inside job. Just read about it on wikipedia e.g. and you will see that these things happened a lot of times in history… Anyway its nine years ago soon, nothing will happen unless many people speak up and get a media movement going. So keep spreading the word!

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