CIA strategy to boost war in 2010

Via Wikileaks comes this:

“CIA report into shoring up Afghan war support in Western Europe”, 11 Mar 2010 (PDF)

This classified CIA analysis from March, outlines possible PR-strategies to shore up public support in Germany and France for a continued war in Afghanistan. After the dutch government fell on the issue of dutch troops in Afghanistan last month, the CIA became worried that similar events could happen in the countries that post the third and fourth largest troop contingents to the ISAF-mission.

The proposed PR strategies focus on pressure points that have been identified within these countries. For France it is the sympathy of the public for Afghan refugees and women. For Germany it is the fear of the consequences of defeat (drugs, more refugees, terrorism) as well as for Germany’s standing in the NATO. The memo is an recipe for the targeted manipulation of public opinion in two NATO ally countries, written by the CIA. It is classified as Confidential / No Foreign Nationals.

Despite the fact that things like this are occuring again and again in times of ubiquitous media-manipulation iam speechless why no public discussion follows. Thats exactly what this strategy needs to be sucessful! Shouldn’t there at least be european politicians saying that they are aware of this document? That they try to inform french and german people about this strategy?

Propaganda can only work if the manipulated person or group is not aware of that manipulation. So for heaven’s sake do something about it! Inform the masses, even if they don’t want to hear it…

war pictorial


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