Symposium – WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom

Letzte Nacht fand in New York, das zweite ‚PdF Symposium on WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom‚ statt.

Eine spannende Auswahl an Gästen (s.u.) berichtete von ihren Erfahrungen zu Themen wie Bürgerjournalismus, Aktivismus und Mitsprache, betrachtet im Schatten der turbulenten Ereignisse um WikiLeaks sowie den Aktionen der Internetbewegung Anonymous.


  • Birgitta Jonsdottir, a leading member of the Icelandic Parliament, who was an active volunteer with WikiLeaks for part of last year, and who is currently challenging the U.S. Justice Department’s request for her personal records from Twitter
  • Clay Shirky, noted author, NYU lecturer, social theorist and long-time friend of PdF, who has written some of the most widely-discussed and nuanced analyses of the WikiLeaks controversy (see „WikiLeaks and the Long Haul“ and „Half-formed Thought on WikiLeaks and Global Action“)
  • Floyd Abrams, veteran First Amendment lawyer, who represented the New York Times in the Pentagon Papers case, and who recently offered his critique of WikiLeaks in this article in the Wall Street Journal, titled „Why WikiLeaks is Unlike the Pentagon Papers
  • John Hockenberry, Host of „The Takeaway,“ a co-production of WNYC Radio and Public Radio International, who has been closely covering the WikiLeaks story, and who wrote a prescient essay in 2008 for MIT’s Technology Review on how technology was changing the media business
  • Gabriella Coleman, assistant professor of media, culture and communication at NYU, and an expert on Anonymous (see her recent article in The Atlantic on „What It’s Like to Participate in Anonymous‘ Actions.“

Das Video zum Talk, hier anschauen: PdFLeaks II – 1/24/11 (vorspulen bis Min. 10:00).



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