Žižek on Egypt’s revolution

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek making his point on what a non-Muslim sees in the Egyptian revolution, cleansing the revolution of the West’s very subtle propaganda.

Transcript Min. 3:35 and so on and so on:

“I think that [Blair’s] message was, if one can read between the lines, quite unambiguous… What they want is some changes that would allow the global situation to stay the same…

We like to hear how democracy as we understand it is something specifically Western. You should understand, different cultures and so on and so on.

But, what affected me tremendously when I was not only looking at the general picture of Cairo, but listening to interviews with participants, protesters there, is how cheap, irrelevant all this multicultural talk becomes. There where we are fighting a tyrant, we all are Universalists. We are immediately solidary with each other, that‘s how you build universal solidarity. Not with some stupid Unesco multicultural respect: ,We respect your culture, you ours.‘

It‘s the struggle for freedom. Here we have a direct proof that a) freedom is universal, and b) especially, proof against that cynical idea that somehow Muslim crowds prefer some kind of religiously fundamentalist dictatorship.


What happened in Tunesia, what happens now in Egypt, its precisely this universal revolution for dignity, human rights, economic justice. This is Universalism at work.

What we see daily in Egypt. One Egyptian protester said: „I‘am proud that I‘am Egyptian.“ I‘am proud for them! They gave us the lesson against this falsely respectful, but basically rascist prejudices. You know, ooh, Arabs have their specific culture, they cannot really get it.

They got it!

They understand democracy by doing what they are doing better than we do in the West. In Western Europe with our anti-immigrant parties and so on and so on. So I‘am proud for them.

Again, here is Universalism. This is the best argument that you can see on tv, against all that trash about ‚Clash of Civilizations‘ and so on and so on. The Moment you fight tyrany we are solidary.

No ‚Clash of Civilizations‘! We know what we mean. No miscommunication here.“

More Žižek in the guardian: „Why fear the Arab revolutionary spirit? – The western liberal reaction to the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia frequently shows hypocrisy and cynicism.“

Where, then, should Mubarak go? Here, the answer is also clear: to the Hague. If there is a leader who deserves to sit there, it is him.


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