Meat at McDonald’s

What does McDonald’s meat look like after six months? No mold, smell, or visible decomposition of any kind… This must be some damn healthy food!

To increase profits meat producers in the 1960’s created something called „poultry paste“ by using mechanically separated meat. After an initial cutting little bones, cartilage, tissue, eyeballs ;) etc. go through a high pressure sieve. To extract proteins and separate meat tissue from bones enzymes like Transglutaminase are put in use. To get rid of bacteria the paste is then washed with chemicals like Ammoniam. But this makes it taste gross so the addition of artificial flavourings and spices becomes necessary. A bit of final coloring and shaping and a new Chicken Nugget is born! Yummy!

Let’s meet at McDonald’s: Queue to first MCD in Soviet Union in Moscow in 1990. The song is called Ciganock by Odjila.


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